Tuesday, February 28, 2012


        Persnickerity NAME2

Are you picky about food or perhaps picky about where you go to eat? I was always under my own personal impression that I was NOT one of “THOSE PERSNICKEY ONES.” Especially, if you knew my sister Strawn, who is one of the pickiest ladies I know. (She loves MacDonald’s French Fries, by the way.) I am one of those people that truly enjoy all different types of food. To look at me you would know that. This corpulent weight isn’t because of fried foods. Unfortunately, my favorite foods are ice cream, all kinds of cheese, soups and stews, dark chocolate, sweets and more sweets, all types of breakfast foods, ethnic foods, salads, fruit and hot dogs (baked or fried, not boiled). Out of these favorite foods you will notice that the only healthy ones were fruit, soup and salads. Even worse, when I developed Atria Fibrillation (AFIB) and was placed on a medication called Coumadin (blood thinner), salad was limited to small quantities. My least favorite foods (NOTE! I did not say I didn’t like) are hamburgers, green peas, French Fries, hominy grits and pizza.

So why am I writing this post? I need to clear the air and put an explanation behind “I’ll eat anywhere as long as it is not...!” One reason I am writing this post is due to my daughter-in-law Lacy, who insinuated that I was picky. That statement did NOT go over too well, especially since I had just picked her up from her parent’s house, and she did not seem to be in a very accommodating mood. My thinking was Lacy decided “picky” Sue was not going to be one more “thorn” she needed to deal with that day. Colin’s nap time was close, and we had limited time before he would go to sleep. Lacy needed some peace. I was totally flabbergasted. “ME” picky! I was in a state of denial. Later, upon analyzing it, I not only discovered she was right, but she was being thoughtful in asking where I wanted to eat. I was asked, since I did not like places like Burger King, MacDonald’s, and pizza, where did I want to eat. For the record, I do like some fast food establishments (Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Sub type places, etc.), but at this point, I chose not to argue.

Secondly, upon writing this post, I am now saying… it IS OKAY to be choosey, it IS OKAY to be different, and it IS OKAY to be particular about where you eat and how your food is prepared. I may not be like every “red-blooded” American that likes   MacDonald’s French Fries, Hardee's burgers, and all the different Pizza establishments…SO WHAT! This only means I am “unique” and not worried about being different. It is not whether you are right or wrong, but about … who YOU are and what you prefer.

Lacy opened my eyes to a good characteristic that I possess, and I thank her. She was concerned that I found a place to eat that was quick but acceptable to what I liked, for I had not eaten that day. Although at the time I was NOT appreciative, I should have been. This brings to mind a choice that my daughter Paige and her husband made on an eating establishment I did not like and had emphasized that fact before they selected it. (“The food is not good and the service is terrible plus slow.”) In fact, I was down-right mad, at the time, and I made everyone miserable. It may not have been the correct behavior, but I kept thinking that I would never have chosen a place that someone did not like, especially, if I was aware of their dislike. How selfish, especially since I emphasized my dislike for this restaurant. (Even worse, I do not regret my behavior after all this time, though I guess one might say I acted selfishly too. Hey, has the word compromise left the English language? And, no, Jay, I have not forgotten that cheese burger pizza you ordered in Chicago.) To my knowledge I have never selected a place to eat that someone seriously did not like? If I have, please remind me. My theory… with all the restaurants and fast foods joints available to choose from these days, surely we can find one that is palatable to all.

Thirdly, why this post? Everyone has a reason for choosing or not choosing a particular place to eat. I am not a fast food fan. I especially do not like MacDonald’s, Hardee's and Burger King for quite a few reasons. First, I am not fond of anything greasy. Even when I cook bacon, hot dogs and sausage, I want them either crispy (bacon) or well-done (blackened hot dogs) and well-drained. (Do NOT give me bacon that is limp for I associate it with dripping in grease. In my eyes all I can see is the greasy stuff dropping one drip at a time. YUCK!).(Or is it dripping one drop at a time? LOL) I will say there are exceptions to the rule when it comes to some fried foods such as fried chicken (well-drained), minute/Swiss steak, sausage, corn beef hash, and onion rings. As long as some fried foods are drained of the fat, it can be enjoyable on occasion. Secondly, I inherited my Mother’s smeller. When I go in a place that has a greasy smell, my stomach wants to roll.
Thirdly, I had to deal with these type restaurants in my early married lifeThirdly, I had to deal with these type restaurants in my early married life.Two or three times a week during football, basketball and volleyball seasons, when Jimmy and I coached said teams plus the Beaufort High Cheerleaders the late night burger, after out-of-town ball games, was on the platter (20 years). This is not counting the fact that my kids liked these places; it also meant a quick cheap meal. Nevertheless, this has put a permanent negative blip on my brain cells.

Actually, I have come a long way in picking eating establishments. Belinda Carson, who is a super great friend and cook, and her husband Jim have introduced me to some great side of the road diners in out of the way places. Restaurants I would never have tried before I met them. I hate to think of all the great places I have missed in my life. Due to an inherited “hang-up” from my Mom, who called these places “greasy spoons” and was always worried that they would give you food poisoning, I never patronized one. (This came from Peggy. “I really don’t think Mom was a snob, she was just a New Yorker with NY City ways. She came up during a time when NY was getting immigrants from all over the world and little places would pop up to feed them. They were using a lot of grease and were rat infested. TB was becoming a real problem and many of the places would be shut down “over night”. Established New Yorkers did fear them. That would stick in my brain too!”) I AGREE!

Lastly, and most importantly….why choose something you dislike, when you can have better? You just might be introducing someone to something they too will enjoy. It’s a matter of “TASTE”! So yawl, YOU SHOULD BE “PERSNICKERITY”! And if you can’t come to a consensus, you may end up eating alone…

“It’s good food and not fine words that keeps me alive.”        Les Femmes Savantes
(Added February 2013) Since I am so particular about what I eat and I can be extreme at times, I decided to add these restaurants /dives/ caf├ęs (however they may be described) to my post.  They are mighty good places to eat and can be found in the Charleston/Edisto Island area.   The Hominy Grill is found in the MUSC Charleston area off of Rutledge.  The Old Firehouse restaurant is found in Hollywood, SC between Charleston and Edisto Island.  The Glass Onion can be found as you enter Charleston on Highway 17 (Savannah Highway). The Old Post Office restaurant and Main’s Market can be found as you enter Edisto Island.  McConkey’s Jungle Shack, The Sea Cow, and The Waterfront restaurants can be found down Jungle Road in Edisto Beach. Whaley’s can be found off Palmetto Boulevard, on Neptune road on Edisto Island, SC.